Higher Ground Real Estate operates in Tehaleh, just south of Bonney Lake, Washington. The "HGR", like the community of Tehaleh, sits in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. We tried to capture this picturesque setting in the logo. The design of the "HGR" creates a lodge-style home and communicates the upward movement associated with the group's mission to provide elevated service to their clients. The letter mark can also stand alone on apparel and print applications. The color palette incorporates shades of blue, adding depth to evergreen forest at the bottom of the logo while the primary letter mark uses red, which pops against the black background, and provides continuity as the color is already associated with both of the real estate groups involved in this joint venture.

We also created a custom typeface, Higher Ground Black, for the letter mark spelled out at the top of this page. The typeface was designed to feel like the complete version of the condensed "HGR" letter mark. 

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